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Garg Surgical


  • Mask
  • Sanitize
  • Inhaler
  • Injection
  • Gloves
  • GMS Sterile Infusion Set
  • Sterilized PVC Disposable Infusion Set
  • Sterilized PVC Disposable Infusion Set
  • Infusion Set
  • Green Safe Latex Examination Gloves
  • Sterile Surgical Gloves
  • Infusion Set
  • Cannula Fixator
  • IV Cannula
  • Microporous Surgical Tape
  • Ryles Tube
  • Pro Care Microporous Surgical Tape
  • UMPL Ryles Tube
  • My Mist Sterile Needle Lancet
  • Latex Examination Glove
  • Elastic Cotton Crepe Bandage
  • Hospital Blue Polypropylene Bedpan
  • Urine Bag
  • Nitrile Examination Gloves
  • Blood Transfusion Set

Garg Surgical Store in Hapur

Garg Surgical Store in Hapur is known to satisfactorily cater to the demands of its customer base. The business came into existence in 2018 and has, since then, been a known name in its field.

It stands located at Swarg Ashram Road, Pucca Bagh, Hapur. The business strives to make for a positive experience through its offerings.

Surgical equipment encompasses a vast array of instruments and devices designed to meet the diverse needs of medical practitioners.

Ranging from cutting- edge surgical instruments to advanced medical technologies, these tools are the backbone of any healthcare institution, ensuring that healthcare providers can deliver the highest standards of care.

In this intricate tapestry of healthcare, surgical equipment dealers emerge as crucial partners, bridging the gap between medical technology and healthcare facilities. These dealers serve as conduits, connecting healthcare professionals with the latest advancements in surgical tools and technologies.

Their role goes beyond mere transactions; they are catalysts for progress in the medical field, ensuring that hospitals and clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments that empower medical practitioners to excel in their craft.

Overview & Location:

Located in Hapur, Garg Surgical Store has been a shining example of excellence in offering the medical community superior surgical equipment solutions.

Garg Surgical Store is aware of how crucial dependable surgical equipment is to the healthcare sector. Their unshakable commitment to providing top-notch goods and services demonstrates their devotion to excellence.

With a long history dating back years, Garg Surgical Store has become a dominant force in the industry by continuously exceeding their esteemed clients’ expectations.

No matter if you are a seasoned surgeon with years of experience or a healthcare facility manager overseeing the intricacies of patient care, they provide a comprehensive selection that guarantees you find the precise tools necessary for your demanding responsibilities.

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