Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most frequently asked questions from us?

  1. Why should you join us?
    AassPass is India’s first area based/local search engine designed to operate in a particular territory. It provides a platform where all type of sellers, service providers interacts with buyers to sell their offerings.

  2. What are the charges?
    AassPass as an organization charges very minimum from their sellers. There are various monthly, semi-annually, annually packages available.

  3. What will be our benefit?
    The biggest benefit that your store/service is getting is online coverage across town. And as soon as you become part of our community, we notifies all our customers through our push notification.

  4. What is your current customer database?AassPass is relatively new concept in market, so we are promoting our reach by reaching out to our target customers.

  5. Which all cities you are operating in?
    We are exclusively running in Hapur only.

  6. What all services you are providing us?
    As part of AassPass Community, you will be getting services like:
    - Promoting your store/services
    - Delivery services from our exclusive partner - O’Del (On special request at competitive price) across town
    - You can upload BLOGS as a member about Hapur
    - Increase your store presence at local level
    - Take online payment via UPI, Paytm etc.
    -  You can promote your offers, promotional schemes etc. on platform.

  7. How do you promote AassPass?
    We are promoting AassPass via different ways:
    - Through banners, bill boards, media etc
    - Through our partners by placing QR Codes on their stores and various other locations
    - By WOM(Word of Mouth) publicity

  8. How will my store be located at top in search?
    There’s a feature of marking your store advertisement on top. We can provide you such facility.

  9. Why will customer prefer AassPass as search platform?
    Because, it is Hapur’s first ever local online platform enhancing the reach of local vendors of town.

  10. How will people search anything on site?
    Under keyword section, a customer can search for what they are looking for and can get results based on their search preference.

  11. Are there any filters for search?
    Yes, there are multiple filters based on category, keyword, location preference. 

  12. Is there any hidden charges applicable?
    No, we do not charge anything.
  1. Why should I search via AassPass?
    Because it is Hapur’s only search platform, you can look out for all vendors available in the city and visit. 

  2. What type of listings are there on platform?
    You can see anything and everything. Whether it is product/service, Professionals, Artists, Labour, Second Hand Sales, etc.

  3. Why should I look on AassPass?
    AassPass, is Hapur's own search engine platform locating all the verified sellers across town offering various kinds of good and services at a reasonable price.

    As a customer, you can look at the photos/videos being offered by the seller and then call the store directly to inquire about availability of the product.

    In short, Look before you buy

  4. How will I download it?
    There are 3 easy ways to install AassPass in your smartphones:
  • Open chrome, go to google and type AassPass and visit 
  • Scan QR Code being placed on banners/at store counters. 
  • After visiting and, screen will show pop-up > Add to Home screen > click on it and select option install.

    Application will be added to your home screen.

    Now, You are good to go
  • 5. How to reach to that platform?

    Open on google chrome browser and click on pop-up > Add to Home screen > Install.

    Application will be added in your home screen.

  • 6. Charges on installation?

    There are NO Charges on installation. You can install it and enjoy surfing. 
  1. If a user got stuck somewhere?

    Don't worry, We have got you covered. Either write to us on or call us on 7042299600.

    You can also write to us on our social media platforms by tagging @aasspass on FB, Twitter or Linkedin.

    We will do whatever best possible to help out to us.
  1. Connect with us

Connect with AassPass on various platforms. 

Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. 




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What is MR Inc.?

MR Inc. is the parent organization of AassPass. 

MR Inc., is a registered business consultancy firm. Providing Marketing, Management Consultancy, Business Support etc. to all the business firms in various domains. 

MR Inc. specialises in providing 360 degree support value to their clients and focuses on overall development of the organization.